Representative APR 1172% (Variable)

Representative Example: Borrow £100 for 15 days. The total charge for credit is £12.00. Total amount repayable is £112.00.

Fixed interest rate of 292% per year.

Here at, we understand the urgency that from time to time many people need a little cash to get them through particularly at the end of the month. Whether this is just for normal living expenses, or to pay for unexpected something like an unplanned bill or overhead. Either way, we can help you in search of bad credit loans.

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Why are Payday Loans So Useful?

For short term cash needs payday loan is best among the other loan format even in comparison to a credit card, a payday loan is better option. If you are in need of small amount for few days say £500 for less than 30 days then an instant payday loan is the good option. Here we summarize few plus points of a payday loan:

Process of loan approval of a payday loan is faster in comparison to other loans where you have to visit a bank or lender for short term loan . It’s very fast and easy online comparison of terms of loan as rate of interest application, and you can find your loan solution someday and in few cases in minutes .

For bad credit persons payday loan is best option as loan approval is based on monthly wages and generally credit check is not required. If you are in regular employment for last six months and age is above 18 having valid address and bank account then bad credit is not a issue.

After FCA's intervention the payday loan lending policy is transparent and clear. So payday loans are simple and easy to understand.

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Here at, we understand that we are dealing with people who need cash fast. We are entirely committed to helping this kind of customer receive the funding they need to solve their short-term money problems.

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As you know loan agreement is between a direct lender and a borrower. Lender will approve the loan if he satisfied that borrower is capable of loan repayment in due course of time. Good credit or bad credit rating of a borrower tells only about the past loan history of borrower. The lender suppose to decide on the facts and figures of the present status of the borrower. In this post we have tried to cover all aspects of bad credit, like what is bad credit?, How it turns to bad from good?, What are options with bad credit borrower?, How one can improve bad credit rating?, What precautions should be taken with bad credit? etc. Please go through it and we hope it will help you in understand bad credit loans.

What Is Bad Credit?

Bad credit tells about your failure to comply with loan agreement with lender so now your fresh loan application may be rejected by lenders.

The credit rating is based on your past credit history maintained by credit bureaus. When any borrower become loan defaulter then lender will intimate this agency for adverse remark in credit history of the borrower. As many negative entries are made in borowwer's name the rating becomes poor and poor.

Based on credit report agency calculate credit points of every borrower. Higher credit points indicate good and lower score indicates poor credit. Numerical credit ratings ranges from 850 to 300.

Effects of Bad Credit

Once your name is put under bad credit ratings your loan approval probability goes down and if any lender agrees to finance you then he will try to charge higher interest rate in order to compensate lending risk with you.

Bad credit rating will affect your day to day living in many ways. Credit card and loan will be costlier also insurer may use different rates for insurance, many utility providers like cell phones may ask for security deposit due to your poor credit.

Do you have bad credit?

Your credit card limit has been lowered by credit card issuer or your loan application is rejected by the lender or lender is offering loan on higher interest rates are few clear indicators of your bad credit score.

The exact credit score can be checked with credit score agency. Good and bad credits are not defined by any agency but any score below 620 is considered poor score.

You can get the details of the report from credit score agency which have made your credit rating poor without any fees.

Tag of bad or good credit score is not permanent. If you become loan defaulter in one or more cases then your good rating will be changes in to bad. similarly if you try to overcome bad credit points like timely repayment of current and future loans slowly your credit report will improve and converted into good credit ratings.

The hazards of a bad credit score

Spending and repayments of credit card also have impact on your credit scores. If heavy expenses and inability to repay in due time is your regular credit card pattern then your credit score will go down by the time and after a stage your name may be highlighted in list of Bad Credit Ratings

For bad credit person challenges will follow in every field of life like employment, in getting rented accommodation, getting credit card or loan, life insurance cover and many more are listed below .

1. Loans and credit cards on higher interest rates
For bad credit persons banks are not interested in issuing credit card and if they agrees will charge higher interest rates and limit of credit card will be small. In same way lenders are unwilling to approve loan for this category and if allow they charge more to cover their risk.

2.Rejection of loan and credit card application
In most of cases bad credit loan applications are rejected by the lenders for long term and high amount credit. But for mini loans on the basis of employment may be approved as payday loans.

3. Difficulty in leased houses
Many landlords perform credit checks before going into lease agreements. If rent seeker's credit is poor then they may denies for rent or charge higher rent or increase advance rent deposit.

4. Security deposit for services
Most utility services such as cable TV, mobile and internet service providers will use your credit rating in processing of your application. For poor credit score applicant they may charge upfront deposit as security, it does not matter if you are paying regular bills in due time and date.

5. Reliability check for cell phone connection
Many cell phone service providers in UK use credit score of a person for its reliability and they are not willing to sell their product and services to bad credit person.

6. Affect the employment opportunity
Many employer particularly in field of finance consider the credit report as integrity check for job seeker. They think that bankrupt or loan defaulter may not concentrate on his job and his performance will suffer. So chances of getting job for bad credit person is badly affected.

7. Costly life insurance
At the time of underwriting of life insurance policy every insurer check and confirm the financial status of the applicant as life expectancy is largely depends on life-style and income. For bad credit persons, insurance companies charges extra premiums to coverup the risk or they agrees for lower sum assured.

8. Regular followups from lenders
Creditors consider bad credit borrower as high risk loan so they use to followup of repayment via debt collectors and disturb borrower by regular phone calls.

9. Problems in startup business
As we know any business startup needs a lot of money and this fund is raised by the way of loan. For bad credit applicant banks and other financial institutions not agrees to finance the business, the only option will be high street and illegal lenders who charge very high rate of interest.

10. Difficulties in car purchase
This is well known fact that bank and other car financiers will always perform credit check for every car loan. For bad credit car loan is nearly impossible if any creditor agrees then charges high interest so car purchase is very costly affair for bad credit rating person.

Indicators that you need to improve your credit rating

If you have faced any one of following situation and think this is because of your bad credit then this is correct. Here we summaries few indicators of bad credit and you should try to improve it.

  • 1. Rejection of credit card application
    If your credit card application is rejected by the credit card company or going to lower the limit of current credit card then your poor credit score may be the reason. You can get free copy of your credit report from credit score agency and work on to improve the score by taking corrective measures suggested below.
  • 2. Compelled to use utility services in others name
    If you are denied for any utility services like phone, electricity, gas etc on the ground of poor credit score and you have taken these services in other's name then this is right time to repair your credit score to minimize this type of situations in future.
  • 3. Unable to find your loan guarantor
    If you are having a bad credit score then your loan approval may need a guarantor. If no body is ready to take security of loan by co-signing the loan agreement then you have no option other than to repair your credit score.

Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loan are the special loan product meant for people with poor credit score. There may be so many reasons for poor credit score like credit card repayment defaulter or unable to close any other debt on time. The person who is going to apply for loan first time also does not have any credit ratings, so lenders have no evidence other than present information to check his loan repayment ability.

The basic purpose of bad credit loan is to provide loan to persons with bad credit score as no lender or bank will be agree to finance this group.

Bad credit loan gives the cash solutions to all people with poor credit history who are not eligible to borrow other type of loan and this loan can be used to consolidate other debts and to repair credit score also.

One more advantage of bad credit loan is to improve credit rating by timely repayment of this loan, by doing this one can also prove his timely loan repayment ability which will help him in next loan.

The only drawback with bad credit loan is higher rate of interest. As this borrower has poor history of timely loan repayment so lender feel some extra risk of getting money back to compensate this risk they charge additional interest rate. The bad credit loan applicant is already in financial crises so every penny from his pocket burn a hole.

A few things to keep in mind when applying for loan with bad credit

Loans for bad credit can be either unsecured or secured. Unsecured loans for bad credit means that the lender has zero claims to any of your property should you fail to repay the loan. On the other hand, a secured loan is secured against your property or assets.

If you go for the secured loan, although you are likely to pay lower interest rates, you risk losing your property should you fail to keep up with the repayment? When choosing how long to repay the loan, keep in mind that, if your settle for a longer repayment term, the interest will be much higher that if you intend to pay off much faster.

You should also keep in mind that the interest rates are tiered based on the amount borrowed. The rates tend to be lower with as your borrow more. As such, if you borrow low, you might consider borrowing a bit more to enjoy the lower rates. However, you should avoid borrowing more that you can pay.

Pros and Cons of Loans for Bad Credit

If you are fortunate enough to find a loan for bad credit that you are confident, enough you will successfully repay it can help to rebuild your credit rating. This is because it helps you to prove to lenders that you can manage your finances responsibly and therefore, repaying the amount borrowed promptly.

People who have had challenges consolidating debts could benefit from a bad credit loan. However, if this is what you intend to do, keep in mind that there are other budget alternatives, some that are discussed below.

Determine the ideal loan for you

There are several types of loans meant for people with bad credit. As such, it is important that you do your homework to ensure that you choose the best loan for your needs. It is also advisable to compare different debt consolidation loan if you find them ideal for you.


Types of Loans for Bad Credit

You might be tempted to think that due to your bad credit, you do not qualify for a loan. Fortunately, this is not true entirely true. In fact, there are several types of loans for bad credit available to you. You are also likely to get other conventional loans, home, auto, and personals loans set for bad credit.

However, the terms are likely to be a bit harder to cope with, but most of them are still possible. Other bad credit loans you can consider include auto title loans, payday loans, and the no credit check loans. Each of these loans comes with a torrent of benefits and perils, which means that you should weigh all available options. It pays to be not only thoughtful but also smart about the loans you intend to apply for. Keep in minds that there are those you should consider avoiding altogether.

Can you get a personal loan with a bad credit score?

There are several mainstream sources of personal loans including banks, credit unions and online lenders. These loans can be acquired to serve any purpose. The amount you qualify for depends on the credit report and collateral needed to secure the loan. Credit unions are the best option as they are more flexible when granting loans. When selecting personal loans for bad credit, among the options available include:

  • Secured Loan. If your credit is extremely bad, the secure loan may be the only option for you. This makes it easy for you to qualify and get better terms. It is critical that you strive to repay this type of loan failure to which you end up losing your collateral that can be a car, home, a savings account, or any item used as collateral.
  • Get a consigner. If you have a relative or a friend with a good credit score, you can ask them to co-sign for your loan. The terms of the loan will be based on your cosigner’s credit rather than yours. Due to the risk you pose, it might be hard convincing people to co-sign for you. If you are not sure that you will fully repay the loan, then you should not even consider asking your loved ones to co-sign and risk their credit record.

Credit Union Loans for Bad Credit

As stated above, getting a loan from a credit union than from your bank. Credit union’s loan standards are significantly flexible. Another benefit associated with credit unions is the fact that almost anyone can easily join. In most of these unions, you only have to reside in a certain location or a particular profession for qualify for membership. Since credit unions are not profit oriented, they tend to be cheaper compared to the banks even as far as their customer service is concerned.

Benefits of credit union loans

  • More flexible lending standards unlike banks
  • Fewer penalties and fees
  • Offers unsecured loans for bad credit

Perils of credit union loans

  • The amount you borrow is based on your credit score
  • Unsecured personal loans are only available for short term periods when you have poor credit

Peer-to-Peer Loans

This is a new but highly reliable way to borrow money with bad credit. These loans are normally applied on a peer-to-peer lending site. These websites are designed to help you get loans from individual lenders instead of a bank or financial institutions.

Today, P2P lending as increased in popularity as an effective way to get loans even with bad credit. However, each website has a set of requirement that borrowers must meet. Even in this case, your credit history coupled with employment background among other factors are considered for you to qualify for these loans. These loans are unsecured.

Benefits of P2P loans for bad credit:

  • These loans are easier to obtain unlike with the traditional bank.
  • Lower interest rates compared to credit cards.
  • Less fees
  • You can explain to your lender why your credit is bad.
  • Borrowers can get higher amount that with a bank.

Perils of P2P loans:

  • Strict qualification requirements
  • You have to raise funds from several borrowers.
  • Rates can be extremely high to about 36% APR.
  • It takes longer to receive the funds.

Co-Signed Loans

If any of your loved ones has a good credit score and ready to co-sign for a loan, you are likely to enjoy good rates and a loan term. Unfortunately, convincing them to be a co-signer, and that you are trustworthy of the loan regardless of your tainted credit history will be a challenge. Should you fail to repay the loan, you co-signer will take full responsibility for the loan which is likely to affect their credit score negatively.

Benefits of co-signed loans:

  • Qualification is not based on your credit history.
  • Lower interest rates thanks to your co-signer
  • Flexible terms

Perils of co-signed loan:

  • You put your cosigner’s credit score at risk.
  • You risk your relationship with the co-signer.
  • Convincing someone to be a co-signer may not be easy.

Secure loans for bad credit

There are numerous variations of secured loans for bad credit. Just like home equity line of credit, you have to offer something up as security. Getting a secure loan with collateral be it your vehicle, home or any other valuable asset makes it easy for people with poor credit.

Benefits of secured loans for bad credit

  • You qualify regardless of your credit history.
  • Longer repayment period
  • Low-interest rates

Perils of Secured loan for bad credit

  • Needs collateral
  • You might get stuck in debt for quite some time.

Loans from family and friends

This is probably one of the hardest types of loans you will ever seek mainly due to the bond you risk breaking should you fail to repay. One of the reasons why this may appeal to you is the fact that it not based on your credit score. Getting a loan from a loved one should be your last option. In fact, you should only do it when you are certain that you can repay.

If possible, you should draft a loan agreement spelling out the term of the loan, including the interest if any, amount and number of payments as well as the duration of the loan. This ensures that you prevent hurting your loved one’s feelings, breaking the bond and even legal action. Such a loan is based more on good faith and should only be entered into when you are 100 percent sure that you can repay in full and on time.

Benefits of a loan from family and friends:

  • Approval is not based on your credit score.
  • The amount is received instantly
  • Flexible repayment option
  • Low rates of not at all

Perils of a loan from family and friends:

  • Not easy to obtain
  • Risks your relationship
  • Only small amount can be borrowed
  • Possible legal action

Home Equity Line of Credit

If you are a homeowner with equity in it, you can go for the home equity line of credit option. However, this does not come without risks given the fact that your home will be the collateral. Regardless, HELOC is still one of the best loan options for persons with poor credit.

If you are looking for a bad credit loan, you can enjoy a tax-deductible line of credit at reasonable and interesting rates with zero restrictions on how you choose to utilize the amount. Note that there are limitations when it comes to claiming the lines of credit as a tax deduction.

For you to qualify for the home equity line of credit, the loan to value ration should be about 80 percent. This means that you must have an equity stake in your property of at least 20 percent. If you are yet to pay off your mortgage, the value of your home may have increased significantly since the recession. The lender may also be interested in your employment background coupled with a low debt-to-income ratio.

If you meet all the qualification requirements for the home equity line of credit loan, you should take the time to compare different lenders and go for the one with the best rates. As with every other bad credit loans, expect the interest rates to be significantly higher.

Benefits of HELOC loans:

  • Flexibility in how you use the funds
  • Lower interest rates that the credit cards
  • Adjustable lower rates

Perils of HELOC Loans:

  • You have to pay closing costs
  • You have to offer up your home as collateral
  • Banks are likely to can your line of credit
  • You might be slapped with steep fees if the line of credit is not used immediately

Mortgage with Bad Credit

When searching for a mortgage with bad credit, your options will be quite limited. You can still get a mortgage even with your bad credit score. Experts recommend working closely with your mortgage broker to enjoy a better variety of options.

Even though you are considered risky, you can still land on adjustable rates, which are equally risky since they keep on changing and with them your payment too. Keep an eye on government programs to help you get a mortgage, which usually needs less down payment besides being easier to get.

There are mortgage options specially designed for people with poor credit history. These options are referred to as “sub-prime” or “adverse credit” mortgages. Lenders who specialist in this market usually offer these mortgages.

Although they work in a similar manner as the normal mortgage, the interest rates are extremely higher, and you will need a significant deposit to put down. Most lenders in this market will demand a deposit of about 25% to 30% of the total value of the property. Compared to the 5% to 10% you have to pay for a standard mortgage, this may be quite discouraging.

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Car loan with bad credit

If you are planning to buy a car having bad credit rating no issue as car loan is designed for this purpose only. You can own a car by paying small down payment and rest amount will be finance by the lender. As car ownership will be with lender till repayment of loan so credit score will not matter. Car loan with bad credit is easy and simple just fill up few papers of terms of loan. You should compare and bargain for lower interest rates before signing the deal.

Payday loan with bad credit

Payday loans are good choice for salaried persons in UK. These loans are very short term and to be repaid on next pay day. As these loans are based on monthly wages and savings so payday loans with bad credit are approved easily. The main negative point of payday loan is small loan amount say up to 1000 pounds but this amount helps a lot in emergency situations when your payday is few days away. Borrower should keep in mind that payday loans bears very high interest rates so should not used as regular lending.

Auto or Logbook Loans with bad credit

Logbook Loans or Auto title loans are loan based on your car value as lender will finance you by taking your car as security. This type of loan does not require credit check so loan approval is fast. The main disadvantage of these loans is high interest rate. These loans are very risky if you do not repay on time then lender will compel you to renew this loan again and again on his terms and conditions. In many cases the loan ends with auction of car so this loan is illegal in many areas. So you should find full information before opting for it.

Alternates of Bad Credit Loans

If you have poor credit ratings then it will be very difficult for you no negotiate for better loan options with direct lenders. But for this reason only you should not give up for better debt alternatives. In this direction your first step should to decide about your loan purpose and how important it is. In case you decide to consolidate your loan, debt consolidation loan will be the best for you. As you know finding an affordable consolidation loan with bad credit ratings is very difficult as a few lenders in market who go for bad credit loans.

If you are planning to borrow loan for car purchase then a used car in resale is a good option to you to consider as most of these cars have offers as zero percent introductory interest rates. So if you can fully repay the loan within the introductory period, then this transaction will be best for you.

If your adverse credit rating is due to not repayment of previous loan then you should not go for fresh loan and you should try for other cash options like setting up a standing instructions which guarantee that you have a personal budget and stick to it and never become defaulter

Points to be noted with bad credit score

As you know getting approval of loan with bad credit is not a easy job particularly in lower APR. So bad credit loans bears high interest rates and should be avoided.

If purpose of taking bad credit loan to repay earlier loan and improve your credit ratings then you should go a head but remember to repay loan in due dates otherwise your credit score will go more down and you may be stuck in loan cycle. Bad credit loan approvals by lenders depends on some other factors also like property you own, employment, income and loan repaying capacity.

How to Improve Bad Credit Score?

Your credit rating is clear indicator and analysis of your loan taking and repayment patterns for past many years with more emphasis on recent loan pattern. We try to help you in understanding of credit score history and some steps needed to improve it:

  • Always try to pay bills on due date. Late loan repayment may have a negative impact on your credit rating.
  • Try to Keep your credit card balances as low as possible
  • It will be good to Keep only one credit account that needed. Instead of keeping multiple accounts, try to upgrade the current one.
  • You should Pay off your loan instead of running off from debt collectors. Try to Avoid closing cards not in use for a short-term way to fix your credit ratings. With the same loan but with few open cards accounts will help you in lowering your credit score.

To improve your credit score Pay your bills on time. Irrespective of amount you lend, it is very important that you repay your loan promptly. Any open credit transaction will always show on your credit history this should always kept in mind and inform the old lenders that you are going to take another loan. Any negative entry on your credit report like late payments or multiple open loan account may delay your fresh loan approval process. Improving your credit score is very slow and time taking process so try to intact your credit score as good as possible.

your credit score keep changing after your each positive or negative act related to any debt. Repairing bad credit is difficult and time taking action so repay your loan timely and if for any reason you feel inability in to pay on due date then inform your lender, he will suggest you some option for loan extension.

What step can improve your rating how much? This is most frequently asked question but answer is not simple because your each action affect your rating in many ways.