Representative APR 1172% (Variable)

Representative Example: Borrow £100 for 15 days. The total charge for credit is £12.00. Total amount repayable is £112.00.

Fixed interest rate of 292% per year.

What are Text Loans

Text loans are special variant of short term loans, as these can be accessed through mobile text so popularly known as text loans. The way of loan application may be different for text loans, but loan processing system is similar to other loans, means loan approval depends on affordability and terms of credit of the borrower. These loans are best cash option for regular employed in UK, who need temporary funding for 10 to 30 days and will have surplus money in next wadge day to repay it. Text loans amount can be up to £1000, depends on loan repaying capacity of the borrower. As these loans provide a fast alternative till next payday so are very popular in UK particularly among salaried people's segment.

How text loans can help?

Are you looking for instant, timely, simple and effective financial remedy ahead of your next payday? If yes then you are at the right place. Instant Text Loans search lets you fetch swift money without any kind of hassle. You can get money whenever you are falling short of funds in the middle or at the end of the month. Text Loans are the right pick for those who are just unable to even wait for a few days. You can get cash while on move when applying for this loan.No matter whether you are instant funds for rental payment, car repair or certain medical emergency, you can spend the cash as per your wish and want. However, as these are short term loans and are sanctioned for 7 days to 30 days, they carry high interest rate. And, if you are not able to pay money back on time then you have to pay late fee that might become a burden on you. So, it is suggested that you make the decision smartly when applying for funds.

Online text loan search 24/7

These loans are the appropriate answer to the problem of people who are looking for small cash help immediately. We are aware of the fact that employed or working class people who apply for this loan have no or little time to get indulged into any kind of tedious and daunting formalities. This is one of the prime reasons why we are offering the availability of application form online. Instant online application form can be filled by an individual round the clock by simply visiting our website. Within two minutes, you can fill and submit this form and rest we will take care of. Text Loan Site is made mobile friendly so you can apply through mobile also.

Why text loans with Text Loan Site

Human needs are diverse. It often happens that income that person is withdrawing is small in comparison to the needs and tasks that he has to take care of. In such a situation arises the need for borrowing additional funds. Have you ever heard about Text Loan Site? We are bringing to money seekers timely and easy to avail finances that can be used for accomplishing several tasks that were left unfulfilled because of no or little money left in pocket. When you decide to choose our services then you will get to enjoy hassle free cash into your bank account.

Convenience and speed of loans process matters when you are in urgent need of cash. Situation may come that you are away from home and cannot access your computer but emergency funding is required. If so you can apply for text loans from Text Loan Site via your mobile also. It helps you to find quick loan search. As you can access through this mobile friendly website from anytime anywhere so this will help you in finding cash solutions at time and place of your own wish.

About Text Loan Site: We are not a lender or broker but simply we try to assist you in loan search with our associated lenders all across UK. For our loan matching services we do not charge you. Our cash finding services are totally free and it is up to visitor to use this facility or not. Here you can search for text loans up to £1000 in few minutes by accessing many popular lenders.

What is working of text loans?

You can start by filling your personal details in online form attached with text loan site. As you complete and submit the form we will directly forward this to a set of lenders. These lenders will verify your details and evaluate your loan eligibility based on their responsible lending conditions, mainly your affordability of loan and may perform credit checks also. Now if they decide to fund you they will communicate you via email or SMS. On acceptance of loan terms by you money will be credited in to your bank directly.

Can text loans be approved for bad credit rating applicants?

If you are worried that your loan application will be rejected just because you are having a bad credit history then you need to give it a second thought. Customers can get an approval for funds even if they are tagged with arrears, defaults, bankruptcy and individual voluntary arrangements.

Borrower credit rating is an important factor for loan acceptance by the lender but the basic rule is the affordability of loan, means the applicant who is already in cash crunch and his credit rating is bad, then how he can repay the loan from next payday without any difficulty? This is in favor of borrower to apply for text loans only and only if he is confident enough that he will repay easily.

How much Text loans costs?

Short term loans are very costly affair in past but since January 2015 UK financial regulator has capped the charges. Now loan interest cap is 0.8% means for £100 text loans you have to repay £12 as interest for 15 days. The other important cap is on total loan cost cannot be more than 100%, means for £100 loan you have to never repay total amount more than £200.

What are Implications of non-payment of loan?

You should read carefully all the terms and conditions of text loans before singing of your loan contact with the lender. If you are unable to understand any clause then asks for clarification before accepting the offer.

After loan disbursement and before the cooling off period of the text loan if you decide to cancel your loan then you should contact your lender only.

At any point of time if you feel difficulty in loan repayment you should contact your lender immediately as he may reschedule your loan term.

If you fail to repay loan on time then lender may charge a penalty for this and also he may refer your case to credit score agency for bad entry.

Your credit score bad entry may affect your future loan prospects like you may charge higher interest rate or even your loan application get rejected.

If your lender opts for legal remedy for loan recovery then these additional cost have to bear you.

So at time of loan application you should think carefully if you will able to repay this in due course of time otherwise in process of solving today’s cash crunch you may be trapped in to long run financial problems.

Who is eligible for text loans?

These loans can be applied by UK citizens who are aged above 18 years of age, have a bank account and are employed. If you stand up to these pre-requisites then you can get money ranging between 100 pounds and 1000 pounds as per your capacity. These are high approval rate loans are best for those who are trapped in middle month cash woes. You can get the approval within same day of applying subject to passing suitability and affordability check by the lender.

Popularity of text loans in UK particularly in salaried class is going up day by day because of easy to apply and repay. These loans can be applied through cell phone and are auto debited from borrower’s account on payday. These loan are good for short duration say 10 to 30 days and for small amount up to £100 because of high interest rates. So if are in emergency need of funding and have surplus money in next payday to repay this loan then Text Loan Site is welcoming you for text loan search.